Bringing Convenience & Style To Your Everyday Life!

Are you busy or can’t find enough time in your day to complete your tasks? Renee Shopping Services is here to help!

We are in the business of convenience.  At Renee Shopping Services we will take care of all of your shopping needs.  Let us run your errands, freeing up more of your time, giving you the flexible schedule that you’ve been looking for. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in a long line again. We offer a reliable and convenient service providing door-to-door shopping assistance. From basic grocery needs to full wardrobe consulting, we do it all.

R.S.S. Blogger Sheilarenee Jameson

Sheila1  Sheilarenee Jameson is Renee Shopping Services Business Consulting Manger. Sheilarenee holds a BA in Psychology and a Associates degree in Liberal studies. Though she is a newbie to the “business world” Sheilarenee’s experience working with people of different cultural backgrounds and in various situations is a skill she can bring to the business.  Sheilarenee provides conflict resolution and support to all clients of Renee Shopping Services.

During the course of her career, Sheilarenee has served a as a counselor in college settings, high school environments and adult recovery centers. Currently Sheilarenee is living in Bloomfield, CT with her wonderful husband and playful dog while being fully committed to Renee Shopping Service. She hopes you enjoy this blog.!

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