Are you tricking or treating yourself this holiday season?

by reneeshoppingservices

Holiday Shopping

What’s in store for us now… As soon as Halloween was over my mind started whirling around with questions like ” what do I want to cook this Thanksgiving and Honey any Christmas gift ideas”? The holidays are fast approaching and I can’t help being reminded every time I visit the supermarket, mall or stores. Stores are great deceivers in tricking shoppers into believing we can enjoy each season or holiday to its fullest extent. They put the new season decorations up and you get that feeling- “aw Thanksgiving, Christmas” and  just as I was trying to get a few more kisses under the mistletoe with my husband (laughing) the stores rip them off the shelves. You know I’m right- a couple of months on the shelves then just as Jay Z said  “its on to the next”.

I know this blog is suppose to be about shopping tips and savings but for the time being it’s important that I stress the importance of treating ourselves into savoring each moment the Thanksgiving/Christmas season brings. If that means being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping for you then by all means do what you have to but leave the “only a season for as long as the shelf say so attitude” behind.

I plan to spend every waking moment being thankful for everything that’s been placed in my life even in the midst of football half time or big laughs shared with the family. That is so much more important to me and  I know you shoppers will do the same. I pray you survive the craziness of this year holiday shopping during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday and all the above. What shopper doesn’t need prayer every now and then, sometimes i do (laughing).

Just for fun, here are some interesting facts about holiday shopping  you may not have known about and just for the record share which number surprised you the most. I picked #37!

                         Have a great Holiday Season Shoppers and till the next time…


Surviving Holiday Shopping