School shopping, in full effect!

by reneeshoppingservices


Hey Shoppers,

If your a parent, your children may have already started school, but if not September is right around the corner. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but while your little Einsteins are wishfully thinking about their playground social lives, science class projects, and cafeteria lunches, you’re left with the necessary duty of completing their back to school shopping. This means scheduling time after your long day of work to run around for a couple of hours with your kids getting what they need for the school year. Am I on the right track? Parents I applaud you. I don’t have kids yet so I can’t imagine from a parents view point what this type of shopping is like. I have to believe that patience and the thought of your children having a successful school year is what gets you through. You care, and that’s why you do it.

The other day I was running some errands with my business partner and we stopped into Staples,  I couldn’t help but notice mothers and their children huddled in groups of two’s, three’s and fours shopping for their school items. Bringing a smile to my face and oddly warmth to my heart, I thought about my sister and I doing back to school shopping with our mom. Summer was ending and school was just about to begin, the three of us would be talking about the new school year and what we’d hope to accomplish and just before the conversation could be over she’d ask what do you need? (Not in a Olivia Pope kind of way for all you Scandal fans) but still very interested and enthusiastic. Now a days schools provide their students with a school list containing all the materials they need,this list gets mailed to the students homes. My sister and I didn’t have that luxury so we made our own list. Mom set the date and the shopping began, but not before deciding which stores had the best deals for back to school supplies. Now that I think about it, there are so many stores that claim they have the best deals, so how do you parents make your decisions? Before you answer that let me say reflecting back on that memory, I’d like to think my mom, sister, and I looked just like the parents and kids I saw in Staples. Half the time we were intrigued with picking the supplies we needed, and then at other times not so interested. My mom though, she was always fully engaged and confident with making sure we had all we needed, “Thanks mom”. Parents, don’t be discouraged if your kids don’t say “thank you” right away, one day they will.

Remember last months blog post was about shopping styles? Well I ask what’s your back to school shopping style? Is it easy going and productive, or are there too many “mom I want this and this”? How do you choose which stores to do your kids back to school shopping?  I look forward to reading your comments and always, Happy Shopping!