What’s your shopping style?

by reneeshoppingservices


Often as shoppers we don’t think about questions like “What’s my shopping style?” but I like to think that each shopper has one. So what do I mean by shopping style? You may be the shopper that spends lots of money, comes out of the store with a million bags (figuratively speaking) and at the end of it all looks miserable like you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life. Or you may be the coupon savoy, buys big but saves so much more shopper (who I envy sometimes). Lastly, (and this is my favorite) are the shoppers who say “I’m going in for one item” and comes back with five. Personally I tend to be the shopper that says “I’m going in for one…” I don’t mean to buy more than I said I would, but I usually do. I know bad habit right?

Shoppers, I ask you what are some ways we can be “Buy what we need” rather than “Buy what we want” shoppers. Don’t feel bad if you’ve just realized you may be one of the above shoppers, NOW may be the time to try something a little different.

Here’s what I mean if you don’t mind me getting a little personal. My sister who likes to shop as much as you or me came up with a system that works for her. What she does is simple for her but may be harder for others, so bear with me. She picks all the items she likes, and before going to purchase she does a little process of elimination if you will. Narrowing down her choices goes a little like this ”I have a similar piece like this already so this one will be going back on the rack. This store will always have this item in a better color or style, so this time it’ll be going back on the rack.” Or she simply says “all I REALLY need is a top and pants, and everything else can go back.” I love it! and I have begun to train myself in using this system of narrowing down items whenever I’m out shopping. My husband might not think so but I really am trying my fellow shoppers, and I feel like a better shopper.

This method could be applied not only for clothes shopping but grocery shopping as well, so let’s support one another. Just for fun share below what your shopping style is and what methods you use that helps you be a better shopper.