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Style From the Inside, Out

We at Renee Shopping Services believes that in order to complete any goal in life you have to start off on a “healthy foot”. Therefore, the week of January 18-24, 2015 we are having a wellness week called, Style From the Inside, Out. This event was inspired to encourage people to begin their beauty journey from the inside. Our vision for this week is to attend a series of yoga classes encouraging YOU to attend with us. We chose yoga because it is an activity anyone can participate in no matter his or her age, size or experience and it deals with helping the mind body and soul.


We are so excited to announce yoga classes will be held at Bikram Yoga in Downtown, Hartford. We want to say thank you to Natasha, owner and director for hosting this event.


Wellness Tips & Encouragement

Daily Updates

For information about nutritional recipes, daily health tools & important statistics that everyone should be aware of. You will be able to find this information by signing up for our newsletter, checking out our blog or visiting any of our social media outlets. We are excited and looking forward to taking this health journey with you! Help us bring style and convenience to a whole new level.


Holiday Giveaway!

Christmas RSS
Renee Shopping Services is overwhelmed with the support that we have received this year from our clients, friends and family. In the spirit of the Holiday’s we have decided to do a special giveaway raffle. This raffle will be held in the month of December ending on December 24, 2014.

Every RSS client will automatically be entered into the raffle. Every referral that a client gives RSS they will receive an additional entry into the raffle.  Each referral that schedules a consultation with us will also be entered into the raffle and if they give us referrals they will also gain more entries. So the more referrals you give the more chances you have to win…read more 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Shopping QuoteCan you believe that stores are opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day?  It is so unfortunate that the value of a dollar is becoming more important than the value of family.  We at Renee Shopping Services are shopaholics however even we believe that the holiday season should be reserved for your loved ones.  Think about all those people who have to leave their families to go to work (not including people who are volunteering their time to help others in need). So we boycott Thanksgiving Day shopping and instead we stand up for the traditional meaning of Thanksgiving…read more

Creating Holiday Crafts

book-page-christmas-tree1At Renee Shopping Services we have a keen eye for style. But we know style is not always about going out and spending the most money. Style is about utilizing what you have and being as creative as possible. One of the things we love is when a client asks us to help redecorate an area in their home. The first thing we do is go through their space and see what they already have that we can use to enhance that space.   This season we want to give you some tips on how you can make your home the perfect holiday hosting house without spending all of your gifting money.

Crafting Around the House

Is there a spot in your house reserved for all your old newspapers and magazines? Do you have an overwhelming amount of unused coffee mugs or mason jars? Is your yard a squirrel’s paradise? If so, don’t fret instead of tossing them in the recycle you can reuse them to create the perfect holiday statements…read more

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Are you tricking or treating yourself this holiday season?

Holiday Shopping

What’s in store for us now… As soon as Halloween was over my mind started whirling around with questions like ” what do I want to cook this Thanksgiving and Honey any Christmas gift ideas”? The holidays are fast approaching and I can’t help being reminded every time I visit the supermarket, mall or stores. Stores are great deceivers in tricking shoppers into believing we can enjoy each season or holiday to its fullest extent. They put the new season decorations up and you get that feeling- “aw Thanksgiving, Christmas” and  just as I was trying to get a few more kisses under the mistletoe with my husband (laughing) the stores rip them off the shelves. You know I’m right- a couple of months on the shelves then just as Jay Z said  “its on to the next”.

I know this blog is suppose to be about shopping tips and savings but for the time being it’s important that I stress the importance of treating ourselves into savoring each moment the Thanksgiving/Christmas season brings. If that means being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping for you then by all means do what you have to but leave the “only a season for as long as the shelf say so attitude” behind.

I plan to spend every waking moment being thankful for everything that’s been placed in my life even in the midst of football half time or big laughs shared with the family. That is so much more important to me and  I know you shoppers will do the same. I pray you survive the craziness of this year holiday shopping during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday and all the above. What shopper doesn’t need prayer every now and then, sometimes i do (laughing).

Just for fun, here are some interesting facts about holiday shopping  you may not have known about and just for the record share which number surprised you the most. I picked #37!

                         Have a great Holiday Season Shoppers and till the next time…


Surviving Holiday Shopping

Coffee Break

Featured image

I did have something to post for this months blog but as I took a second look, I realized it was not ready to be published. In the effort of making next months post complete I leave you with this:

 Effort is a vigorous and determined attempt at attaining a particular goal. Efforts have to be maximized in order to achieve success. Great achievers always have rigorous planning of their long-term and short-term goals and they exert themselves strenuously, to achieve them. Proper efforts have to be put in the right direction, to achieve success. In the words of Mohandas Gandhi, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” Continuous efforts can work wonders, for anyone. Only seeing and visualizing dreams does not help. You have to work towards them. You have to put in your efforts and make things happen because nothing succeeds like success. The fruits of your effort always show. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Continuous effort-not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” You can achieve any goal, if you persevere hard and put in dedicated efforts.


School shopping, in full effect!


Hey Shoppers,

If your a parent, your children may have already started school, but if not September is right around the corner. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but while your little Einsteins are wishfully thinking about their playground social lives, science class projects, and cafeteria lunches, you’re left with the necessary duty of completing their back to school shopping. This means scheduling time after your long day of work to run around for a couple of hours with your kids getting what they need for the school year. Am I on the right track? Parents I applaud you. I don’t have kids yet so I can’t imagine from a parents view point what this type of shopping is like. I have to believe that patience and the thought of your children having a successful school year is what gets you through. You care, and that’s why you do it.

The other day I was running some errands with my business partner and we stopped into Staples,  I couldn’t help but notice mothers and their children huddled in groups of two’s, three’s and fours shopping for their school items. Bringing a smile to my face and oddly warmth to my heart, I thought about my sister and I doing back to school shopping with our mom. Summer was ending and school was just about to begin, the three of us would be talking about the new school year and what we’d hope to accomplish and just before the conversation could be over she’d ask what do you need? (Not in a Olivia Pope kind of way for all you Scandal fans) but still very interested and enthusiastic. Now a days schools provide their students with a school list containing all the materials they need,this list gets mailed to the students homes. My sister and I didn’t have that luxury so we made our own list. Mom set the date and the shopping began, but not before deciding which stores had the best deals for back to school supplies. Now that I think about it, there are so many stores that claim they have the best deals, so how do you parents make your decisions? Before you answer that let me say reflecting back on that memory, I’d like to think my mom, sister, and I looked just like the parents and kids I saw in Staples. Half the time we were intrigued with picking the supplies we needed, and then at other times not so interested. My mom though, she was always fully engaged and confident with making sure we had all we needed, “Thanks mom”. Parents, don’t be discouraged if your kids don’t say “thank you” right away, one day they will.

Remember last months blog post was about shopping styles? Well I ask what’s your back to school shopping style? Is it easy going and productive, or are there too many “mom I want this and this”? How do you choose which stores to do your kids back to school shopping?  I look forward to reading your comments and always, Happy Shopping!

What’s your shopping style?


Often as shoppers we don’t think about questions like “What’s my shopping style?” but I like to think that each shopper has one. So what do I mean by shopping style? You may be the shopper that spends lots of money, comes out of the store with a million bags (figuratively speaking) and at the end of it all looks miserable like you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life. Or you may be the coupon savoy, buys big but saves so much more shopper (who I envy sometimes). Lastly, (and this is my favorite) are the shoppers who say “I’m going in for one item” and comes back with five. Personally I tend to be the shopper that says “I’m going in for one…” I don’t mean to buy more than I said I would, but I usually do. I know bad habit right?

Shoppers, I ask you what are some ways we can be “Buy what we need” rather than “Buy what we want” shoppers. Don’t feel bad if you’ve just realized you may be one of the above shoppers, NOW may be the time to try something a little different.

Here’s what I mean if you don’t mind me getting a little personal. My sister who likes to shop as much as you or me came up with a system that works for her. What she does is simple for her but may be harder for others, so bear with me. She picks all the items she likes, and before going to purchase she does a little process of elimination if you will. Narrowing down her choices goes a little like this ”I have a similar piece like this already so this one will be going back on the rack. This store will always have this item in a better color or style, so this time it’ll be going back on the rack.” Or she simply says “all I REALLY need is a top and pants, and everything else can go back.” I love it! and I have begun to train myself in using this system of narrowing down items whenever I’m out shopping. My husband might not think so but I really am trying my fellow shoppers, and I feel like a better shopper.

This method could be applied not only for clothes shopping but grocery shopping as well, so let’s support one another. Just for fun share below what your shopping style is and what methods you use that helps you be a better shopper.




YaY to Shoppers and Welcome!


Look forward to shopping insights and creative ways to save on our blog, launching August 2 2014. We are excited to connect with you. This blog is our direct link to you. We look forward to your feedback and interactive support.